5th Pilipinas Ang Ganda Mo

Accord International, Inc., will participate in the 5th Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012: Pilipinas ang Ganda Mo! organized by The Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines, Inc.


St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City's 3rd Nutrition Month Celebration

PANSALT®, the healthy, low-sodium salt from Finland, will take part in St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City's culminating activity for its 3rd Nutrition Month Celebration this July 27, 2012 (Friday) from 8:00am to 2:00pm at the Henry Sy Auditorium, 5th Floor.


6th Manila Foods & Beverages Expo (MAFBEX)

Learn more about the healthy, low-sodium salt from Finland in the 6th MANILA FOODS AND BEVERAGES EXPO (MAFBEX), The BIGGEST and most awaited food show of the year!


World Hypertension Day Celebration

May 17th has been declared as World Hypertension Day by the World Hypertension League since 2005.


in-cosmetics Asia's First Philippines Roadshow

Last May 4, 2012, in-cosmetics Asia, the leading exhibition and conference in Asia for Personal Care Ingredients, conducted its first ever Philippines Roadshow at the Hotel Intercontinental, Manila in association with the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Science.



On March 14-18,2012, PANSALT® will participate in the 17th Philippine World Building & Construction Exposition or WORLDBEX - Asia's Biggest & Most Attended Construction Exposition - at the World Trade Center, Manila.



On September 29, 2011, 29 participants from 21 different companies gathered together at the Function Room 5 of The St. Francis Shangri-la Place Condominium in Mandaluyong City to take part in the seminar conducted by Mr. Michael Hwang, the Deputy General Manager of Bioland company from Korea.


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Healthy Hearts Day


Valentine’s Day kicked-off at Harbor Square, CCP Complex in Roxas Boulevard with more than 200 men and women of all ages joining the fitness and wellness activities organized by PANSALT®. Participants grooved with aerobic steps choreographed by fitness instructors from 6am-9am.

PANSALT ® is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Accord International, Inc. According to Product Manager, Ria Mateo, they entered into an exclusive distributorship agreement with Finland-based Oriola-KD for a breakthrough product for Filipino consumers.

PANSALT ® only has 56% -57% Sodium Chloride compared to common salt which is 98%-100% Sodium Chloride. It has the same good taste and technological properties as common salt and has no bitter aftertaste, characteristic of other low-Sodium salts.

Wellness takes a beating when people overindulge on food that their palates crave for. Salt can be the number one favorite in its various forms: common salt, bagoong, soy sauce, fish sauce and all sorts of “sawsawan” concoctions. According to “Doktor ng Bayan” Rey Salinel, most Filipinos consume up to 10g of salt or Sodium Chloride in its various forms, an excessive amount compared to the recommended daily dose of 1,000-2,500 mg. High-dose intake of common salt leads to higher risks of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, stomach cancer, osteoporosis, and kidney disease, among others.

Various studies show that the harmful effects of Sodium Chloride can be decreased or even eliminated if our diet is rich in Potassium and Magnesium. Adequate Potassium intake lowers blood pressure and is protective against stroke and cardiac arrhythmias.

At the Hearts day event, Dr. Salinel explained how the heart suffers from excessive Sodium Chloride intake. “The human body needs only very small amounts of both Sodium and Chloride. Common salt is made up of 98-100% Sodium Chloride, which is known to be the most significant cause of high blood pressure, otherwise known as arterial hypertension. Even a slight surge in blood pressure increases the risks of coronary cases and other serious cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks, strokes, or heart failure.”

Dr. Salinel said that timely change in lifestyle will help save the health of people in pre-hypertensive conditions from escalating into hypertension. Once hypertension is established, a person is supposed to start taking maintenance prescription drugs and the medication is for life. In his talk during Hearts Day, he cited the importance of taking Sodium Chloride, which includes common salt, in moderation. “A good substitute,” he said, “is PANSALT ®, a perfect low sodium mineral salt that tastes like common salt and contains Potassium, Magnesium, Lysine and Iodine.”

PANSALT ® is made nutritive by the essential minerals Potassium and Magnesium – two important minerals for a healthy heart, not contained in common salt. More than reducing Sodium Chloride intake, it also markedly enhances the positive effect of blood pressure lowering medications.

During the event, Dr. Salinel also offered free medical consultations and health tips to participants. “Diet watch; meaning no excessive intake of common salt and sugar but increased intake of fiber rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, as well as avoidance of bad cholesterol inducing substances,” he emphasized.

The second health tip Dr. Salinel cited is exercise – about 20-30 minutes daily or at least 3-4 times a week. However, those with medical conditions should first get clearance from their doctor as to the extent and type of exercise their body can take.

The third is to be drug free and to maintain moderation in everything, including alcohol intake. One to two glasses of red wine or champagne is good for the heart but intoxication damages the liver and destroys general health.

Dr. Salinel’s parting words: “Take care of your health and your health will take care of you. If a person is spared from developing hypertension, he is spared from being doomed to a lifetime of having to take medication.”

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PANSALT ® is available at selected Mercury Drug and Watson’s outlets and in the following establishments: Cash & Carry, Cherry Foodarama, Eunilaine Foodmart, Landmark Supermarket, Makati Supermart (Alabang), NCCC Supermarket (Davao), Oro Rama Supermarket (CDO), Palms Country Club (Alabang), Pioneer Centre Supermart, Robinsons Supermarket, Royal Subic Duty Free, Rustan's Supermarket, Shoppersville (Katipunan), Shopwise, Tropical Hut Foodmart, Unimart.

For further information, visit or text 0917-811-SALT.

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PANSALT Celebrates World Heart Day


Hypertension is a silent killer. It heightens one’s risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke that could ultimately lead to death.

“An estimated 17.5 million people died from CVDs in 2005, representing 30% of all global deaths,” says the World Health Organization (WHO). “Of these deaths,” WHO continues, “an estimated 7.6 million were due to coronary heart disease and 5.7 million were due to stroke.”

In the Philippines, an estimated 122,400 lives were claimed by CVDs in 2002. In a study published in The Philippine Journal of Neurology, Dr. Navarro observes that stroke affects 486 out of 100,000 Filipinos. That is roughly half a million of us.

Despite these figures, many Filipinos still do not understand the disease, and therefore, fail to respond to it appropriately.

In an effort to raise awareness on hypertension, PANSALT initiated a World Heart Day celebration in Harbor Square of the CCP complex last September 28. It gathered men and women for aerobic exercise and free consultations with “doctor ng bayan,” Dr. Rey Salinel.

“Heart disease and stroke remain top killers in the Philippines. This is attributable to an unhealthy lifestyle and probably a lack of awareness on their prevention,” comments Dr. Salinel.

However, hypertension can be controlled and prevented, and therefore its complications like heart disease and stroke can also be averted. The cures lie in regular exercise, proper rest, and healthy eating.

Dr. Salinel provided the following tips at the World Heart Day celebration:

  1. Make it a habit to check your blood pressure and pulse regularly.  The top number of your blood pressure should be less than 140 while a normal pulse rate ranges between 66 and 82.  If your figures are higher than these, consult your doctor.
  2. Watch your weight.  If you are overweight, take steps to lose the extra pounds.
  3. Use your heart.  Do aerobic exercises to lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension.
  4. Put out that cigarette.  Cigarettes have no health benefits and only increase your risk of stroke.
  5. Get ample rest.  Get a good night’s sleep and avoid stress.
  6. Eat healthy.  Increase your intake of high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables.  Stay away from high-sodium and fatty foods.

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    heart12 heart13 heart14 heart15

Salt need not be omitted completely from one’s diet, though. There is a way to salt your dishes without compromising taste. PANSALT is real salt but has 43% less sodium and is virtually devoid of the harmful effects of common salt. It is ideal for hypertensives, stroke patients, and the health-conscious who love food, but will not forego flavor. Developed in Finland by health experts, it has also been found to improve the therapeutic effects of treatment drugs for high blood pressure and is virtually devoid of the harmful effects of common salt.

PANSALT is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores and is distributed by Accord International, Inc. For further information, visit or call (02) 5314881 to 86.

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Accord at 25 in Bohol!
(Feb. 29-Mar. 2, 2008)

What commenced with a thanksgiving mass and lunch, culminated with an early summer outing to the scenic and historic island of Bohol! Accord International's 25th anniversary truly marks a milestone for the company, that's worth celebrating and giving thanks for. The entire staff enjoyed 3 days of fun and relaxation, with most of them seeing sights like the Baclayon church, Loboc River and the splendid Chocolate Hills for the first time. Not to be missed were: photo opportunities with amazing tarsiers, swimming in beautiful white sand beaches, shopping for peanut kisses, and meeting the gracious and talented people of Bohol.

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Accord International, Inc. established by its President, Norberto I. Mateo started operations on February 7, 1983 as a commission agent for foreign principals, mainly manufacturers of pharmaceutical raw materials. Accord has since grown into a reputable marketing company that links global makers and suppliers of quality ingredients and finished goods with domestic finished product manufacturers, distributors, and end-users.

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BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Accord President, N. Mateo Featured in Standard Chartered Bank's News Bulletin
Building Relationships
Priority Banking – News Bulletin of Standard Chartered Bank Philippines
December 2006

Norberto Mateo or Bert to friends and colleagues is on top of his game, a success he owes to his vision for innovation and choosing the right partners in business.

Bert founded Accord International, Inc., a chemical trading, in 1982. It has since grown from its humble beginnings into one of the major distributors in the healthcare industry.

A chemical engineer, Bert linked innovative models from Europe with local pharmaceutical companies. Acting as a commissioned agent, Accord International was responsible in bringing Ibuprofen in 1984 to pharma companies in the country and making it a popular pain relieving active ingredient. His string of successes include the hair growth drug Minoxidil, artificial sweetener Aspartame, healing component of Aloe Vera, and livestock vaccinations.

Accord International, which started out with three people working in a 15-square meter office has built a reputation as a trusted source of quality products, and a collaborator in product development. Bert to this day, scopes out the international scene in search of the best-selling health products.

Bert, president of the company he founded, says key to his success is building a strong and credible relationship with clients, making sure that profit and welfare are well thought of.

“Business is not just finding good products and finding a market for them but essentially it’s about building relationships.” He uses the same approach in choosing his bank. Standard Chartered Bank reflects the same values that Bert has. Foremost is integrity.

Wala nang usapan. When we issue a Standard Chartered Bank check, our suppliers don’t have any questions. They don’t have doubts. We keep our name clean.”

Another is reliability. “Our clients stick with us because they know we don’t cut corners. We buy the best products and keep the standards we agreed on. There are many who could offer the same price but not the quality.”

Bert started his relationship with Standard Chartered Bank “more than 20 years ago,” brokered by a business colleague who encouraged him to open an account. The Bank’s Makati Office was then located in the Petron building. He recalls going through the trouble of parking at the Mandarin Hotel so he can go to the Bank across the street.

He remembers the time when Standard Chartered Bank was just launching its credit card. “My account manager asked me to have lunch at the Shangri-la. I came early and thought ako lang on a simple lunch meeting. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there were other priority clients of the Bank. We were in a circle and I got to meet several industry stalwarts.”

“The account manager handed me my credit card after that. I am proud to be one of the first ones to have a Standard Chartered credit card.”

Accord International has expanded its distribution to Vietnam. Recently, it launched PANSALT®, the latest product it introduced to the local market.

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PANSALT® Now on Air
Tune in to DZBB to learn more about PANSALT®!

- BANGON NA BAYAN, 4:00-5:00pm with Joel Reyes Zobel

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PANSALT® Now in Sachets

Watching your sodium intake should be easy with the new PANSALT® 50g pack (contains 50 x 1g sachet)! The more handy PANSALT® pack is now available in the following outlets:

- Cash & Carry
- Cherry Foodarama Antipolo, Congressional, Shaw
- Eunilaine Foodmart, Kalayaan Avenue, QC.
- Landmark Makati, Trinoma
- Makati Supermart Alabang
- Oro Rama Supermarket (Cagayan de Oro City)
- Pioneer Centre Supermart
- Royal Subic Duty Free
- Robinsons Supermarket (Ermita, Galleria, Metroeast, Novaliches)
- Rustan's
- Shoppersville Katipunan
- Shopwise
- Tropical Hut Foodmart BF Homes Parañaque, Panay, Taytay
- Unimart Supermarket


Watch for the new PANSALT® 50g pack in more supermarkets and drugstores soon! Suggested retail price: P80.50

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Why is PANSALT® Good for You?

Because with PANSALT®, for less than P3.00 a day...

1. You cut your risk of acquiring hypertension to half. This means you also reduce your predisposition to heart attacks, strokes and kidney problems.
2. You can still enjoy the same savory flavor of food without worrying about raised blood pressure levels even when you already are hypertensive.
3. You give yourself, your family and your loved ones the gift of peace of mind and good health.

Of course, to be truly healthy we must also watch what we eat, do regular exercise and get enough rest everyday. Don't let yourself become part of the statistics on people acquiring hypertension. NOW's the time to make a shift to PANSALT® -- the most affordable low sodium mineral salt that's good for your health.

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he good-tasting, low-sodium salt—PANSALT®—made its Philippine debut in a riot of flavor, fun, and information. At a sumptuous Filipino lunch buffet at the Boracay Room of the Hotel Philippine Plaza on October 25, PANSALT® was used to season the food and no one could tell the difference between PANSALT® and ordinary salt. That’s because it is salt—only healthier, because PANSALT® contains only 56 – 57 percent sodium chloride.

Among the highlights of the launch were a cooking demo by the sexy chefs Rachel and Barni Alejandro, who, besides preparing Oriental Salad using PANSALT®, spoke on the virtues of eating healthy and recommended the PANSALT® option for the health-conscious; and the enlightening talk by Dr. Gregorio Patacsil Jr., a leading cardiologist, on why the human body needs only small doses of sodium chloride. In a word, PANSALT®, the product of Finnish technology, is the healthier choice because it is virtually devoid of the harmful effects of common salt while tasting no different, and it is rich in essential minerals magnesium and potassium. Those on special dietary regimens say, for hypertension or diabetes, can also use PANSALT®, which has been reported to remarkably improve the therapeutic effects of drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure.

This is good news, considering that health experts have long cautioned against the overuse of salt, which has been linked to high blood pressure and its complications, such as strokes, heart attacks, and kidney damage. Statistics from the National Nutrition & Health Survey (2003-04) claim that 22 out of 100 Filipinos are hypertensive. The same survey reports that among 20-29-year-old Filipinos, nearly 4 out of 10 are hypertensive and require a lifestyle change to prevent progression to hypertension.

Click here for detailed information on outlets per area (nationwide)

Photos from the PANSALT® Launch Lunch
PANSALT® SHAKES UP SALT IN THE PHILIPPINES-- The healthy salt is now in the country. PANSALT®, the good-tasting, low-sodium salt from Finland, made its Philippine debut on October 25 at the Hotel Philippine Plaza.
SEXY CHEFS GO FOR PANSALT® -- Rachel and Barni Alejandro, better known as the owners of The Sexy Chef Cafe, exalt the newest good-tasting, low-sodium salt, PANSALT®.
ACCORD OFFICIALS AND FRIENDS AT PANSALT® LAUNCH -- In photo are (from left) Mr. Ramon Crame, Sales Consultant for PANSALT®; Engr. Norberto I. Mateo, ACCORD President and Founder; Mr. Jussi Lehmusvaara, Finnish Embassy Project Assistant of the FINNPRO Trade Section Manila; and Dr. Gregorio Patacsil, health expert and cardiologist.
THE IMPORTANCE OF A LOW-SODIUM DIET – Dr. Gregorio Patacsil, Jr., health expert and cardiologist, talks about the benefits of PANSALT®.
EATING HEALTHY – Ms. Rachel Alejandro talks about the advantages of a healthy diet and also tells the audience about their healthy kitchen, The Sexy Chef Café.
TOSS IT UP! – Ms. Barnie Alejandro of The Sexy Chef Cafe, preparing a healthy salad dish using PANSALT®
FILIPINO FAVORITES MINUS THE SODIUM OVERLOAD! - Some of the food prepared during the launch (clockwise): popcorn, halo-halong lamang dagat, halabos na hipon, sariwang lumpiang ubod, kilawing labanos, and ukoy --- all prepared using PANSALT®.
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ext year, 2007, Accord will mark its silver jubilee and celebrate the source of its corporate strength - its people.
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The Philippine Academy of Cosmetic and Clinical Dermatologists (PACCD) will hold their 3rd annual convention on September 30 and October 1, 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Dr. Alain Thibodeau, the Scientific Director of Atrium Biotchnologies will be in attendance to speak before the 250 member dermatologists about the concept of Dermocosmetics. Dermocosmetics is defined as the delicate fusion of cosmetics and dermatology. Topics to be covered are scar-free acne treatments, wound healing, new generation skin whitening and anti-aging products, and biomimetic peptides. 

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trium Biotechnologies of Canada, in cooperation with Accord International, Inc., staged its first scientific seminar last May 31, 2006 at the Soho Tribeca room of the Astoria Plaza Hotel in Pasig City. The seminar, aptly titled "Innovative Cosmetic Ingredients & Marketing Concepts" focused on the introduction of Atrium's complete product portfolio as well as the new marketing trends in Europe and the U.S.A.

In an extremely illustrative presentation, Christine Desy, the Sales Director of Atrium Biotechnologies for Asia, explained the science behind each and every Atrium ingredient, starting from their exclusive line of anti-irritants and anti-inflammatory products, natural skin whitening and anti-cellulites, plant-based moisturizers and antioxidants, marine-derived anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, MMP inhibitors and broad spectrum antibacterial agents, to the truly innovative biomimetic peptides.

Since its foundation in 1991 in Quebec City, Canada, Atrium, through constant innovation, has become a formidable group focusing on the development and marketing of products to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. Atrium's core business was built around a biotechnology platform based on molecular separation technology which allows them to manufacture cutting-edge cosmetic active ingredients and nutritional supplements.

Today, with distributors in 35 countries, Atrium enjoys being a strategic supplier to leading multinationals, healthcare practitioners and over 2,000 corporate customers. Their finished nutritional supplements are also supplied to more than 30,000 physicians, chiropractors and naturopaths in the U.S.

The seminar was capped off with a question and answer session, which allowed the 30 customers from different cosmetic companies to actively participate. Indeed, it was an afternoon of learning and camaraderie and everyone went home armed with new gained knowledge from such an expert speaker.

Photos from the Innovative Cosmetic Ingredients & Marketing Concepts Seminar
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